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Welcome to Labcheen.com - a Fantasy soccer site!

Welcome to fantasy soccer with LABCHEEN.COM! Select your ultimate team from soccer superstars and guide them to glory.

1) budget

The game operates without a financial market - you may select any players you like without worrying about using up your budget. However, you will still be subject to limits around the number of players you may choose from each team, and limited transfers after the first round.

2) Fluid gameplay - tweak your starting players each round/matchday

You must select a squad of players, and then form a starting list from your squad for each round/matchday. During a round, your squad will be under a lockout (i.e. you may not transfer players), but your starting players will be changeable at any time outside of actual play. This gives you the ability to shape the best possible team for the matches each day (within the bounds of the number of players in your squad.)

Set up a pool, invite your friends to join you, and get ready for action


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